Fantasy Dinner Party

Imagine you’re having a dinner party for 10 people. What do you need to think of? What food to serve (lobster, steak and a rich chocolate desert), what wine to have with it (Champagne, Chardonnay), the location (preferably New York or Paris). The most important thing however is the guest list. Again, imagine you can invite any nine people you want, alive or dead, who would you invite? I have sometimes played this game with my friends so I’ve given this more thought than I would like to admit. So without further ado:

Woody Allen – The man is brilliant, intelligent and funny. He has made some of my favorite movies, in fact last Easter I would write essays during the day and watch Woody Allen movies in the evenings while eating ice cream. I think Hollywood is too caught up in special effects and what movies would make the most money that I haven’t been to the movies in a year, however Woody Allen never disappoints and actually writes a good script. I would also invite him because I think he could hold his own with this group.

Oscar Wilde – There isn’t a man in this world who has the same talent with putting together sentences as Mr. Oscar Wilde. I think he is actually one of the few men that I consider a genius. I spent three years studying literature at the University of Iceland and Wilde was one of the writers that inspired me to study that subject. And I’m sure there wouldn’t be a dull moment with him there.

Elizabeth I – I’d want at least one monarch at my dinner party (two might be kind of a disaster) and I would choose Elizabeth I. She is an inspiration in itself, she proved that women are just as capable at running an empire as a man is. She would probably intimidate my other guests a bit and that’s always fun.

Jane Austen – I wrote my thesis on Austen’s novels. She is highly intelligent, hilarious and interesting. She also has a way with words that I envy her for, when one reads her novels it’s so apparent why she is considered one of the greatest novelists. Who wouldn’t want to see Jane Austen and Oscar Wilde have a conversation? I think that would be mind-blowing!

Stephen Fry – My favorite British comedian. Everything Stephen Fry does turns out brilliant: A Bit of Fry and Laurie, Blackadder, QI and all those TV shows he does for BBC. If there is one person in the world I wish I could have a conversation with, if only for an hour, it’s Fry.

Dave Chappelle – He seems to be the whole package, he’s intelligent (which as you have noticed is very important for this dinner party), funny as hell and someone who can have a serious conversation and can lighten the mood.

Meryl Streep – I’d want her there, I don’t know why I just would. I think she is one of the most endearing and wonderful actors today and is without a doubt one of the „Greats.“ She’s also a good role model for those actresses who want to be taken seriously. I thought about other actors but I decided that she would be perfect for this particular group.

F. Scott Fitzgerald – Yes, another writer. Another one of my favorites, I think The Great Gatsby is one of the most influential American novels that has ever been written. He also knows how to enjoy wine, my guests must know how to enjoy wine.

James Lipton – Anyone who has watched Inside the Actor’s Studio will understand why I want him at my dinner party. Not only is he very interesting and intelligent but if there is anyone who can get my guests to admit their darkest secrets it’s Lipton. I could just imagine him having a conversation with Elizabeth I about her reign, asking Fitzgerald about his marriage to Zelda, asking Austen about her life as an independent woman in 19th century England. Oh yes, he would have to be there.

After a good dinner one can forgive anybody, even one’s own relatives – Oscar Wilde

Kitchen stuff

I can’t imagine a better place to spend my time than in the kitchen. The smell, the food and it’s also the room in the house that I feel most comfortable. The feeling I get when I cook or bake is so wonderful. Taking a few ingredients and creating something delicious that my family will enjoy is one of the best feelings that I know of. When people tell me they are dieting I always feel sorry for them because I feel like they are missing out. What’s the fun in eating something delicious and maybe a tad sinful if you can’t enjoy it. Why do people feel guilty when they eat?

I just hate health food! – Julia Child