Animal Farm

I love it when Spring arrives and with a short drive out of the city there are lambs everywhere! How cute are those little animals? These specific photographs where not shot just outside the city, actually far from it, in fact this is about a 5 hours drive outside Reykjavik, but you get what I mean. My uncle’s farm is located in the north of Iceland and my family tries to go there as often as possible since it’s where my mother is from and judging from my northern accent and way of speaking some people jump to the conclusion that I am also from the north (I have no idea where I am from since I was raised in Japan, live in Reykjavik but speak with a northern accent, it’s all very confusing). But getting back to the point. I got to go into the barn and take few photographs of sheep, cows and all the other creatures that were hiding there.


Færðu inn athugasemd

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